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Gadget Saver®<\/span> Small<\/b><\/td><\/td><\/tr>\n
\"Small<\/td>For smaller devices up to 10x15cm. Including All Mobile Phones, MP3 Players, Watches, Bluetooth Headsets, Car remotes, Diabetic electronic measuring equipment, Hearing Aids, Earphones, Small Cameras, USB Memory Sticks & Small Medical Testing Kits.<\/td>\u20ac9.99

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Gadget Saver®<\/span> Medium<\/b><\/td><\/td><\/tr>\n
\"Medium<\/td>For larger devices up to 24x18cm. Including Tablet PC\u2019s, eBook Readers, TV Remotes, PDA\u2019s, Sat Nav\u2019s, Handheld Games, Cameras, Walkie Talkies, Cordless Phones, Medical Testing Kits, Headphones, Children\u2019s & Adults' Toys.<\/td>\u20ac13.99

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