Article by Nicola Cook from Dun Laoighaire Gazette Sept 2012<\/div>\n

Dry out your mobile device safely and cost-effectively.<\/h3><\/p>\n\n\n

It is inevitable that at some point in our lives we will drop our mobile phones into a puddle or spill coffee on our expensive electronic gadgets. Due to our hectic lifestyles and time constraints we more often than not - write off our portable devices and buy a new one. Worse still we often take it upon our selves to dry it out using dangerous, costly and futile methods (which never works) and almost cause a fatality.<\/p>\n\n

Not anymore - Gadget Saver, which is the brain child of Irish Entrepreneur Paul Schulman, is a simple cost effective solution to this problem. Quite simply all you have to do is place your affected device into a Gadget Saver multi layer re-sealable bag, leave for eight hours and the moisture and liquid build-up will be removed by the ingenious internal absorbency pack, resuscitating your mobile electronics safely with minimum effort. A four hour recharge is recommended after removing it from the device for full rekindle of your favourite equipment.<\/p>\n\n

Better still regular use of the Gadget Saver can improve the performance and prolong the working life of your everyday gadgets. This applies to a multitude of items such as mobile phones, hearing aids, MP3 players, iPods, portable medical testing equipment, hand held-game consoles, as well as many other portable electronic tools.<\/p>\n\n

The small Gadget Saver retails at only \u20ac9.99 and the medium at \u20ac14.99. A small cost to pay for peace of mind that your device and it\u2019s data are protected!<\/p>\n


Paul Schulman on The Late Late Show St Patricks Weekend 2012.<\/div>\n